Greg Youngman Music is the Central Coast of California recording studio of choice by musicians.  A modest arsenal of some of the finest equipment available, coupled with Greg's 40 years of audio recording experience, will produce the professional results that fine musicians demand.  This studio is a comfortable, down-to-earth, relaxed home-environment that is meant to keep the creative juices flowing and overhead low.  Another studio specialty is transferring and re-mastering analog media (reel to reel, vinyl, cassette, etc.) to digital formats.  As tape ages, it becomes brittle and begins to deteriorate.  Many customers have irreplaceable recordings that are able to be salvaged (and even sometimes improved) through the re-mastering/digital transfer process.

Greg Youngman's recording career began in 1969 at the age of sixteen shortly after he acquired his Ampex 300 4-track.  Greg also worked as an electronics repair technician during the early 1970s at Gospel Music in Fresno, California and later studied music at CSU Fresno and UCLA Extension.  In the mid-1970s, Greg moved on to MGM Recording Studios, Devonshire Sound, Kendun Recorders and Larrabee Studios.  His independent thinking, innovative techniques, and passion for music, audio, and electronics ultimately led to building his own studio, currently known as Greg Youngman Music.  -  Bryce Youngman



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